Last Revised: Jan 2020

Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove or alter a review if we find that it violates our review guidelines.

What are the BOKD review guidelines?

Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the BOKD community, as well as share your experience with the BOKD community. Since you can only write a review after a project is completed on the site, you can trust that any review you see on a profile page is the result of an actual person working with another member of the community.

We believe in free speech, transparency, and clear communication. Our community is built on trust, and trust comes from honest conversation. Therefore, we ask for reviews that are truthful, clear, and helpful to both the reviewʼs recipient and the wider Talent community.

When creating a review, we ask that you stick to the facts. The best reviews provide constructive information that helps the community make better decisions and is educational for the business or consultant in question. We strongly discourage personal insults, opinion thatʼs not backed up by examples, or generally unsociable behavior.

BOKDʼs default position is not to censor, edit, or delete reviews. However, there are rare cases in which we may take the extraordinary step of disallowing or removing reviews. We reserve the right to remove reviews that violate our review guidelines.

How do reviews work?

All the reviews on BOKD are written by Opportunities and Talents from our community, so any review you see is based on a project that was completed on the BOKD platform.

Writing a review

To leave feedback for a recent project, visit the feedback tab on the project workspace. Reviews are limited to 500 words and must follow BOKDʼs review guidelines.

Editing a review

After writing a review, if your Opportunity or Talent hasnʼt completed their review yet, you can edit your public review until your Opportunity or Talent completes their review, or until the 14day window for leaving a review has closed (whichever comes first). Your private feedback for the reviewʼs recipient and for BOKD are perpetually editable. You can edit your review on the feedback tab on the project workspace.

Previous reviews

Past reviews are attached to the project and the public review will be available to anyone viewing your profile or the past project details. You will also see any Private Feedback that people have left you when youʼre viewing projects that you have worked on.

Star ratings

In addition to written reviews, we ask our users to submit star ratings across several different metrics. The number of stars displayed on a userʼs profile page is an aggregate of the scores that different users have given for past projects.